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    Simple, smart and precisely tailored to your needs: Our Charger models are designed to make electric mobility more comfortable for everyone. With many benefits and features, our Charger models offer the perfect charging solution for your home.

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    Our Charger delivers the full charging energy for your electric car. To make sure it’s connected correctly we recommend professional installation with our installation service – tailored and relaxed, all from one place.

  • At-home charging is worth it

    Electromobility helps reduce CO2. It’s good for the environment – and thanks to state funding, it’s good for your wallet too. You can apply for financial subsidies for your private charging station and installation. Find out how that works, here.

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A provider of energy and charging solutions. We will manage all customer needs at the interface between energy and mobility. Elli will make the benefits of the energy transition accessible to people around the world — easy and hassle-free.

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Get ready for the next step in your electrifying future and finalize your configuration.

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Thank you for providing your details.

There might be some challenges for installing a Charger at your home. But don’t worry, we will do our best to find a solution for you! Below you will find our detailed suggestions, please refer to the one that best reflects your answer.

Challenge 1:

It is not allowed to mount a private charge in an off-street parking space in the Republic of Ireland.

How to proceed:

We recommend to check again the possibilities to install the charger in another place. For further information and advice, please contact our customer support.

Challenge 2:

If you are not the owner of the property or do not have the consent of your landlord to carry out the installation then an installation will not be possible.

How to proceed:

Please gain permission before continuing with the purchase.

Challenge 3:

Local conditions are unclear and it may appear that the charger can’t be fitted on a wall, e.g. there is no straight wall measuring at least 30 cm wide, in the vicinity of your vehicle to attach the charger to.

How to proceed:

Usually, the charger needs to be mounted to a wall or a similar surface, which is stable enough to hold a wallbox. In case there’s nothing like this close to your parking spot, our local installation partner will try to recommend a suitable alternative, although this mean the installation falls outside our standard installation package. We recommend to continue with the order and clarify details during the home check with our installation partner. You may cancel the order if any costs exceed your expectations.

For further information, please contact our customer support.

Configure and purchase your Charger

Is the installation feasible at your home?

With just a few clicks you can check the installation feasibility. You’ll receive an indication if our standard package fits for your needs or if there is any challenge to overcome.

Regardless of the result, both we and our installer will do our best to make an installation possible.

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Great - You are OLEV eligible.

Save up to £ 350 now and finanlize your configuration.

Continue with £350 OLEV grant

Sorry - it seems your are not OLEV eligible

In order to check out OLEV grant requirements you can visit our financial funding page or finanlize your Seat charger configuration without OLEV.

Continue without OLEV grant

Check your OLEV eligibility

The OLEV grant will reduce the cost of your Seat Charger Pro and its installation by £350. We can apply on your behalf for the grant in case you meet the following requirements. Please check them and confirm your eligibility. To learn more about the OLEV grant scheme please have a look at the section Financial Support or find out more on the OLEV website.

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